Who We Are

Financing your trade

Al Imdad was established in Jordan to meet the growing need for a financial company specializing in trade financing and supply chain logistics. Our Supply Chain financing services ease and facilitate trade, providing a means for SMEs and large corporations to grow and expand at unprecedented rates. Our unique business model allows for traders and manufacturers, importers and exporters, to benefit from our trade financing and supply chain logistics services.

Our financing services are available to reputable traders and manufacturers with a clear business plan. Trusting in the sellers ability to sell, we finance your purchases using only the goods as collateral. Such services are designed to facilitate business by easing the process through which goods and materials are purchased and obtained. Our clients are then free to focus on the business of sales and production.

Beyond Financing

Acting as a bank, freight forwarder, clearing agent, and warehousing company, we provide one avenue for our clients to use during the entire process of sourcing goods and materials. Our team can consult and advise on all aspects of purchasing, importing and exporting.

Financing Power

Established in 2010 as a subsidiary of INVESTBANK, we have the power to finance larger and more complicated trades. Using the international network and facilities of Investbank enables us to partner globally with any firm within the supply chain network. The strength of the bank gives us the leverage to finance larger companies, as well as SMEs.